Usborne Book and Puzzle: Under the Sea

My regular readers will know that we are a big fan of books in our household. We have come across Usborne books before but it is only recently I have come to realise the huge variety they actually have.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn they also did jigsaws with some of their books; so of course we had to try one out.

Usborne Book and JigsawAges 5+
Book: 24 pages
Jigsaw: 100 pieces measuring 59 x 40cm.
RRP: £9.99

A fabulous jigsaw teeming with colourful fish and a 24-page picture puzzle book, presented together in a beautiful sturdy box…the picture puzzle book is packed with things to spot and talk about. Can you spot a pirate’s hat, the captain’s spoon, a message in a bottle and lots more?


What’s in the box?

In the box you receive the book and the jigsaw pieces packed up in a bag.

Picture of book and puzzle pieces


Any child that likes jigsaws and likes things related to the sea is sure to love this book and puzzle. The book isn’t a traditional storybook but each page is a puzzle. Amongst the colourfully illustrated whales, seals crabs and much more, children are encouraged to look and find things. For example:

  • Can you find a pair of earrings?
  • How many crabs are there?
  • I’ve lost three dominoes, can you help me find them?

Example of a page of Under the Sea Puzzle book

The book certainly did keep Bee’s interest as she was trying to find the things and count too; and sometimes it wasn’t as easy as she thought.

We loved that although they are puzzles they were also educational. The book can help with counting, with observation skills and is also educational in that it asks questions such as ‘Which three fish came from warmer seas?’ This is turn leads to the child thinking about how to spot the difference and can lead to discussions about the fish and which seas they might have come from; so a bit of geography could be incorporated into the discussion.

Making an Usborne Jigsaw

The jigsaw itself is a copy of the first pages in the book, so they do have a visual guide when making the jigsaw. The 100 pieces are relatively chunky, so perfect for little hands. Bee couldn’t wait to get started to make it but did need help and eventually left me to do most of it! She is a bit impatient and likes to do things quickly! She did find it a bit difficult but I am not sure if that is simply due to her impatience….but with so many fish and different colours the jigsaw isn’t simple.

Under the Sea Jigsaw

If you like the look of this jigsaw puzzle book then Usborne do a number of different ones. If you are on Facebook then sister Aisha has a group where she shares book details and offers. Do take a look and join. You can also find her on instagram: AichaBook.


Disclosure: We were sent the puzzle book for the purposes of review. However all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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  • My son is just starting to lear how to read and count past ten, I think I might get this for him to encourage him. There are so many on the market it is difficult to know which ones are good and which ones are going to end up on the shelf.

  • Thanks for the heads up – I’ve joined Aicha’s group – Yusuf would love something like this. I’m waiting to be approved so I can ask her if she has anything dinosaur-related lol!

  • I want to order these beautiful puzzles…and I don’t even have a child! I miss puzzles and brain teasers. What a lovely way to entertain your children 🙂

  • My son loves puzzles and books so this is such a great combination and a smart idea to have both combined. Love the counting pages too and need to see if it would be available in US otherwise I’m sure shipping here would be a lot 🙁

  • Rather than my kiddo….I am huge fan of puzzle books….I just love them till date…. 🙂

    This book is so colorful and pretty….good for the kids activity time….