Project 365 – Week 2 of 2018

A relatively uneventful week.


Sunday 7th January

A quiet day at home. Generally tidying up and trying to declutter Bee’s room and try to get rid of some toys. Since she now has a bigger bed in her room there is limited space in there.




Monday 8th January

Bee received the class star award at karate.



Tuesday 9th January

A quiet day at home and tried to catch up with some blogging reviews. Completed a review for a board game: Ticket to Ride.




Wednesday 10th January

Blood test today to check my sugar levels, Vitamin D and B12 levels. It was a diabetic review but she asked if I wanted anything else checking so asked for the Vitamin D as have been feeling tired again recently…and then she decided to check B12 too! Hubby decided to treat me to some chocolate! Not ideal as really need to get healthier….I need to start being good again and cut out the junk. But the chocolate was good!




Thursday 11th January

Bee’s school are holding a science week. She has made slime, coloured bread with food colouring and on Friday she has to go dressed as a mad scientist. Managed to find some glasses to wear in the pound shop.




Friday 12th January

I can’t seem to keep my orchids alive but this one is at my parents house and I have been generally looking after it there and watering it. And managed to get that one to flower again! Not sure how or why I end up killing mine!!




Saturday 13th January

Back to our Saturday routine of mosque for Bee and horse riding for the eldest in the mornings. Then in the afternoon general chilling at home.

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