Project 365 – Week 3 of 2018

Sunday 14th January

Tipu Sultan Leicester

Decided to eat out and ended up in Leicester at one of my favourite restaurants. The Tipu Sultan branch. They are slightly more expensive than some of the other places we go to but I love it because it looks clean, the food is presented beautifully and I just love their toilets! The decor throughout is just stunning.


Monday 15th January

Monday was an uneventful day of school  runs and general blog catching up. So you have a picture of Rosie who didn’t seem to care she was sitting on Bee’s school bag….and also didn’t seem to want to move!


Tuesday 16th January

My first governor meeting today about Pupil Premium in the afternoon. Was interesting to learn more about it. Then Bee had Rainbows in the evening. I had been worried it might be too much for her on top of her karate but she is loving going. She has her ‘promise’ coming up soon which I get to go watch. Oh and rang the doctors to check my blood test results and all came back OK. I was fully expecting my sugar levels to have gone high as haven’t been taking care of myself but although they have risen slightly they haven’t got back into the diabetic range but still remain in the ‘pre-diabetic’ range which is good…..considering when I was first diagnosed I was in the diabetic range.


Wednesday 17th January

Not much happened today….and didn’t really take a photo of anything except the chewits….so I am sharing that! I love these…find them so addictive!


Thursday 18th January

Very strong winds and woke up to this. Bee thought it was hilarious but I just wanted to cry as thought it was another thing for me to deal with. Hubby realised I was a bit stressed though and as he also needed his car looked at he came home to help sort it out.


Friday 19th January

This isn’t a photo I took today but some time ago. But I wasn’t in the mood for taking pictures today as my dads friend died and it was his funeral. My hubby went to his friends shop at 9pm last night and learnt from someone there that dad’s friend had just died less than an hour ago. It was a complete shock as he was always popping round to check on dad since his illness started, to make sure he was ok. Had just been thinking we hadn’t seen him for a few weeks and then this happened. His family hadn’t told anyone he was in hospital for 2 weeks. He was a year younger than dad, and had known me since birth. For my non muslim friends we bury the dead as soon as possible…in Muslim countries the same day if at all possible..which is why it all happened so quick.

In nicer news though Bee got a 100% attendance certificate for her first term at school.


Saturday 20th January


The fence saga continues. Hubby borrowed his friends van yesterday and got all the materials needed for a new fence…..and the guy started putting it up today. Then around 3pm he hurt his hand with the hammer and went home saying he would be back tomorrow.

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