Project 365 – Week 11 of 2018

Bit ill pretty much all week so haven’t really done a lot.

Sunday 11th March

Took a trip to Leicester again to eat out. Dad was well enough to manage the trip with us. Came home and then hubby treated us to waffles from the local dessert parlour.



Monday 12th March

Started working on a blog post for a duvet cover we were sent to review but throat started hurting and generally felt unwell so left it.



Tuesday 14th March

Overnight got worse and during the day not much better, ended up missing a meeting at school. Hubby came home early to do the school run and take Bee to Rainbows. She got her first badge today and was well pleased with herself.



Wednesday 15th March 

Although I started feeling better in that I didn’t have a temp, my throat started to get so sore that it even hurt to swallow. So a day of feeling sorry for myself, having some drinks and binge watching Netflix. I was meant to be going to my Quran lesson in the morning but she ended up letting me join in online so I wouldn’t miss out on the lesson.



Thursday 16th March

I was meant to be at school all day today for a governors day but my throat was so bad that I couldn’t really go in case I was infectious. Hubby also didn’t go to work as his hayfever seems to be kicking in (he gets it quite early) and his symptoms were quite bad. So a day of rest….and a picture of Rosie keeping me company.



Friday 17th March

Bee was pleased with herself as she got a writing certificate alongside her reading one she gets for reading 5 times a week. She also got a pencil and a rubber as a prize. On the school run my eye started watering and was watery all evening and night.



Saturday 18th March

A day of rest today. My other eye has started watering too and generally feeling sorry for myself. Girls spent most of the day at the parents which gave me a bit of peace and quiet.


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