Project 365 – Week 12 of 2018

Sunday 18th March

Still feeling pretty rough. Both eyes keep watering so pretty much spent all day in bed while hubby looked after the kids today. Rosie kept me company.



Monday 19th March

Thankfully my eyes stopped watering but managed to get an appointment with the doctor. He couldn’t decide if it was viral or not but seeing how raw my throat was and the fact that I had the sore throat for over a week he gave me some antibiotics. Felt able to take Bee to her karate lesson considering my eyes had stopped watering and it was safe to drive. She has belt testing coming up again next month so we did some practicing at home too in the evening.



Tuesday 20th March

I missed a meeting at school last week and a governors day….so I was reluctant to  miss anything else. I had volunteered to go into school to read with the kids and was waiting for a DBS check. Then we heard about a new scheme the council were doing to recruit and train reading buddies so the school had asked if I could attend that. Went on the training and then met up with a friend for lunch. DBS check is back to guess I will be reading with the kids after the holidays.



Wednesday 21st March

Bee went on her first ever trip with the school on the bus. Went to a local farm which is only about 20 minutes away but I still felt a bit nervous. She had a fab time though. Waved her goodbye on her trip and then attended a governors meeting.


Thursday 22nd March

Did a bit of blog work in the morning and wrote about a duvet set we received. Discovered it was cheap night at the fair and thankfully hubby came home earlier than normal so dragged him to the fair. It was cold but the girls had fun.



Friday 23rd March

I signed up to the National Trust a few weeks back and the membership pack arrived today. Looking forward to visiting a few places when the weather improves.



Saturday 24th March

A lazy day today. While the girls were at horse riding and mosque in the morning I did nothing and just watched TV! (Well I did put the laundry in the washing machine). Collected Bee from mosque and had to get the cakes again from Cake Box. Collected the eldest, came home and just all chilled watching some films.


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