Zak and His Little Lies

Zak and His Little Lies
Author: J.SAmia Mair

Zak and his little liesIllustrator: Omar Burgess
Age: 5+
Price: £4.99
Hardback cover

Zak is on his final warning. If he tells one more lie, however little, he won’t be going to the skate park with Baba and Hana. With one job left to do, what could go wrong?

Nothing in the earth and in the heavens is hidden from Allah (Surah Al Imran 3:5)

Recently I have picked up on Bee telling small lies so the opportunity to review this book came at exactly the right time. With lying there is always the issue that if it is small do we just let it slide? But then if you leave it will it then turn into bigger lies?

A book focusing on lying, the potential consequences and then backed up by Quran and hadith….all written in a fun way….is what is needed. And this is what Zak and His Little Lies tries to cover.

Zak gets caught telling a lie and he has to get through the rest of the day without telling a lie. Sounds pretty easy right? However a number of mishaps during the day, leads to him telling a few more lies but ultimately shows him that telling the truth is better and makes you feel great.

What did we think?

The book is recommended for ages 5+ so perfect for Bee. However it is not one that she can read herself yet so we read it as a bed time story.

She enjoyed listening to the story and realised that Zak telling lies led to more problems for him. The language was simple enough for her to follow although I did have to explain what a ‘terrarium’ was and also was quite surprised at the use of a ballet term to describe a jump: Grand Jete……which I then had to google to explain what that jump actually was. Unless you are into ballet it is highly unlikely children will know what the term means….but it does make a starting point for a different conversation!

Zak also seems to be picked on by two boys who tease him at school….and he lies to them as if he told the truth they would tease him. I would actually like to see books showing children standing up to the bullies and telling the truth, but as this is a book which is specific about lies it can become a focal point for the children to teach them that they should not feel the need to lie to other children to prevent being teased.

We loved the illustrations in the book. There are illustrations on each page which are very appealing to the eye and do not dominate the page. The story feels more interesting when you have the images mixed up into the text.

What I liked in particular was that at the end of the book a few questions are asked to get a discussion going. For example:

Sometimes lying might feel like the right thing to do at the time, but it isn’t. If you are about to lie, what can you do to stop yourself?

In addition to the questions, the Quran and Hadith that are mentioned in the story are written in full on the final page. This is useful to help teach the kids about lying and reinforces that lying is wrong.

Do you like the sound of Zak and His Little Lies? If so it is available from Kube Publishing for £4.99 (plus P&P).

Picture of the book Zak and his little lies


Disclosure: We were sent a copy of Zak and His Little Lies for the purposes of review. However all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  • I had to Lol about googling the ballet thing as that is exactly what I was thinking of doing. It is just so random.

  • I wouls definitely have to be using google myself in reference to the ballet thing lol! Although I like the sound of the book. The boy feeling good about telling the truth is a great lesson to teach alhamdulilaah.

  • Very well written review. I appreciate all your reviews, especially because they are of products that fit my niece & nephew’s age (+ will be good choice for Ruqaiya in future in sha Allah). So firstly jazakillahu khair 🙂

    Book does seem to have nice illustrations ma sha Allah and I love your perspective on difficult vocab 🙂

  • Thank you for the book review. A Kid may not speak truthfully for a number of reasons- to draw attention, even negative attention when he’s getting little to none. He might be imitating another adult in his family or just to see how you respond/react and draw a conclusion about himself from your behavior. While we need to address the behavior, we mustn’t jump to conclusion and call him a liar. And let’s not give him “the look” that makes him feel like one.

  • A whatium?? I would have been googling too!
    Nice review. Sounds like a lovely book with some reinforced hadith.
    Thanks for sharing, will try to find a copy for my little miss!

  • Interesting! So nice to see stories like these with small lessons to learn. I feel children pick up from stories more than they do from us telling them what’s right and what’s wrong.

  • This book looks so good. Will be helpful for learning & a great gift for my little brother. Thank you for such a nice review

  • Looks like a nice book teach Akhlaq to kids. My son is just 3+ years and already speaks white lies when he gets into trouble. Need to add this to our collection. And like you said we got to start early and teach kids about these virtues while they are young.