Review: Timeline – British History

As part of the Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club we received Timeline: British History to review.

Timeline British History


“Was William Shakespeare born early enough to enjoy the delights of a cup of tea? and did he wear a top hat? Britain’s first Prime minister was surely at a later date, but was that before or after the great fire of London?” these are the kind of questions that you’ll be faced with in timeline: British history.

  • 110 British History Themed Cards
  • Instructions

Timeline game British History contents

How to Play and Thoughts
  • Age: 8+
  • Players: 2-8
  • Time taken to play: 15 mins

Each of the cards depict an event on both sides of the card. However on one side of the card a date is added to show which year that event happened. The aim of the game is to place your card in the correct order. One card is placed in the centre with the date up. The players cards are placed date down. If you feel like your event happened before the card in the middle, you place the card on the left……if it happened after, you place the card on the right of it.

If the card is placed correctly, the card stays there, and if placed incorrectly then it is removed from play and the player who placed it incorrectly has to take another card.

The aim is to be the player with no cards remaining in front of them.

Bee was too young to play this so myself and the eldest have been playing it. It does feel like you should have an interest in history to play this game. There were so many events that I did not have a clue about so it was complete guesswork. It does help teach you a bit about history and what happened and when, but I do feel like this is a game that will be rarely played in our house. The eldest thought it was a bit boring for her.

However I can see the potential for the game if you have players that are like minded and enjoy games like this that actually make you think about history and try to work out when events happened.

The game comes in a good quality tin and is compact enough to take on your travels if you are looking to take games with you if you go on holiday.

Timeline British History is priced around £13.99 and is available from most good toy shops. It is also available from Amazon:Asmodee Editions ASMCARCHCOUK01 Timeline British History Card Game (affiliate link).

Disclosure: We were sent Timeline British History for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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