Project 365 – Week 22 of 2018

Sunday 27th May

Hubby is working this weekend and not got much planned so just a bit of pottering around in the garden. This is my wisteria I have had a few years which I had just shoved into a corner..but it is still doing pretty well even though it doesn’t give me any flowers yet…so got it out of the corner….and topped it up with soil while I figure out what to do with it.



Monday 28th May

A lovely day so got the water table out for Bee and she had fun playing in the garden. A relaxed bank holiday Monday.



Tuesday 29th May

The local garden centre was having an animal encounter experience. Bee held and touched eveything, even getting snakes round her neck…..but she wouldn’t go near the tarantula.



Wednesday 30th May

Decided to take the girls shopping for some sandals for Eid while they are on half term. Eid is in 2 weeks and want to be ready before and not do a last minute mad dash.



Thursday 31st May

Hubby had a day off and we ended up going to a garden centre a bit further away. Spotted this chair…would be perfect as a time out chair as they kids wouldn’t be able to escape from it!



Friday 1st June

A quiet day again today. Popped to the parents for a while and then in the evening did a bit of weeding in the garden. Rosie of course kept getting in the way.



Saturday 2nd June

Not really in the mood for going out so a day of films for the girls and a spot of baking. Didn’t have any icing sugar to decorate so left them as basic shortbread biscuits.

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