Project 365 – Week 26 Of 2018

Sunday 24th June

We had originally been planning to go London to an Eid festival, but the feedback from most who went on Saturday was that it would be boring for the kids as it was mainly food stores with a bit of face painting and henna..and some shows. So we decided to go to Tropical Bird Land in Leicestershire instead. Will probably do a post about that at some point.



Monday 25th June

Been planning to go to breakfast with a mum from school for a while but something would come up. We finally managed today. Was nice to go out together and get to know each other better too.



Tuesday 26th June

A quiet day today. While watering the plants in the evening I noticed that this purple one had flowered.



Wednesday 27th June

In the morning worked on a blog post for a review of Bananagrams. Yesterday I had noticed that the eldest’s hair was a bit of a mess. It’s length and the fact that it was quite thick was making it difficult for her to handle….so today we got it cut and thinned out. Also invested in some new shampoo and some leave in conditioner.



Thursday 28th June

Popped to my local pharmacy for a diabetes check. It’s all part of a campaign I am working on. Blog post to come next week.



Friday 29th June

A quiet day. Did absolutely nothing all morning. In the evening read a book with Bee which we had been sent when Ramadan started.



Saturday 30th June

Did debate about whether to take the girls out in the afternoon after their classes in the morning but just didn’t have the energy to deal with the heat. So the paddling pool came out! A relaxing day at home.

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