Decorating your bedroom in a rental property

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One of the few times I have been in a rental property was when I was at university. Being in a rental property can make it hard to decorate and permission generally is needed before you can make any substantial changes including painting. Back then my decorating was simply sticking up a few posters and I was done.

But there are ways to decorate a bedroom which are low risk and should not upset the landord. As a result you will be able to make the bedroom your own.

Command Strips, Hooks and Tapes

I have recently come across these and have been using them at home myself as I’m useless at drilling holes and I don’t want lots of holes in the walls anyway! The are pretty strong and I have been using the strips to hang up canvas’s and light weight frames.

Removable wallpaper

I only recently heard about removable wallpaper and am planning to try some out as I am about to decorate my bedroom. You can use removable wallpaper to make a statement wall in your bedroom if you don’t want to use it on the whole wall. Something bold will really stand out and give character to the bedroom


It sounds simple but even rugs can make such a difference to your room. They can really pull a room together and so easy to change if you decide on a different style. There are so many different styles and designs and you can bring a touch of luxury into your bedroom.


Rental properties generally will have a simple lampshade if that. It is straightforward to add/replace a lampshade to fit in with your decor and to fit in with the style that you are trying to create. Bedside lights can also make a difference as it allows you to bring your own individuality into the room.


What better way to decorate your room and make it feel cosy than by picking out your own furniture? You can perhaps add some statement pieces such as an extravagant headboard, or decorative pieces.

Once you have created your dream bedroom then it is important to have preventative measures for your dream bedroom and make sure the contents within it are insured. Companies such as HomeLet can help with this, especially if you are a tenant.


I recently redecorated Bee’s bedroom by adding some wall stickers and getting a bed which was fun for her; a mid sleeper which she has to climb up some steps to get into. It is ideal for a small room as we can put other bits of furniture under the bed. However I am sure she has ideas as to what her dream bedroom would look like. HomeLet have asked kids across the UK to draw #MyDreamBedroom, some of these drawings were highly creative and extraordinary. They then chose a select few of these drawings and brought them to life by recreating them in graphic designs showing how precious each and every one of our dream bedrooms are.

What would your child’s dream bedroom look like?

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