Project 365 – Week 51 of 2018

Sunday 16th December

Hubby has been going to work on Sunday’s in the run up to Christmas so was a quiet day at home. Tried making chicken meatballs in the instant pot…they came out OK.


Monday 17th December

Hubby took today off work and went food shopping first thing to beat any potential rush. Loved their Christmas tree outside. Then went to Bee’s school in the afternoon to her winter wonderland concert at school.


Tuesday 18th December

Bee’s final day at school and the holidays start tomorrow! Eldest still not feeling too good but treated her to hot chocolate at Costa while Bee was at Quran Class


Wednesday 19th December

The eldest looked like she had got worse overnight but she wanted to go to school as it was only until 12. Wrote a note for PE for her so she didn’t have to over do it. Picked her up at 12 and treated them to lunch from the local chippy. Took them to their dentist appointment but warned the dentist the eldest wasn’t feeling well and she said that’s fine as she had a cold too! She really wasn’t feeling great and she went to bed quite early once we got home after Bee’s Quran class.


Thursday 20th December

Made the eldest an appointment at the doctors but the doctor simply said its a viral infection even though she has been suffering for 2 weeks and just said to give her Ibuprofen. Got some from the chemist. Got home to find that Bee had been vomiting. She had woken up saying she had a tummy ache but I thought she was just saying that because she wanted to go to the doctor with us. We were meant to be going to a local Bah Humbag festival in the afternoon but had to contact the PR and cancel..and cancelled Bee’s karate and eldest’s Quran class. Poor Bee couldn’t even keep water down.


Friday 21st December

Another day of doing nothing because the kids weren’t feeling too great. However Bee was managing to keep both food and water down today and Rosie was keeping her company. By evening though Bee had perked up and was chatting away again. Eldest was still sniffing and coughing away but better.


Saturday 22nd December

Bee back to her normal self. Eldest feeling tired. So another day of doing nothing but watching TV and did some reading with Bee. As we don’t believe in Christmas and that Jesus is the son of God I do have to teach her what we believe and some of these books come in handy.

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