Project 365 for 2019 – Week 12

Day 76 – Sunday 17th March

A quiet Sunday. Hubby went to work today as he is taking tomorrow off…so just chilled at home mainly while the eldest went to her horse riding lesson. Gave them all a polo each when went to pick her up. Jim had a new plait.


Day 77 – Monday 18th March

Today the workmen were meant to come to redo our driveway. But there were other works going on with pavements being dug up to install broadband fibre cables…so they decided to come back tomorrow when hopefully the other work would be done. I took dad for his check up with the GP but his blood pressure is still high….she is wary of increasing his meds as it can then affect his kidney function as they are already borderline….so she has left us to speak to the liver consultant next week and see what she says and then let her know! The rest of the day was spent decluttering our room and removing furniture and throwing out the old bed as our new one was being delivered today. Then spent the evening making up the bed so we actually had a bed to sleep on.

I found an old postcard while clearing up that my brother had sent over 20 years ago on behalf of his little one..about a year or two before he died…brought back the emotions of losing him. I keep thinking I have lost it or thrown it away and then it pops up again.


Day 78 – Tuesday 19th March

Driveway guys at 7.30am to get started on the driveway. I was still in my pyjamas and had to move my car! Left them to it later in the day to take dad to the hospital as he had an eye appointment. He has a very dense cataract they need to operate on. The consultant told the nurses to do another measurement then with a different machine to get a more accurate measurement before he has an operation in the near future…but they turned round and gave another appointment to go another day. I was annoyed by that as felt they were just causing more issues for us as have to take him back again for no real reason except for a measurement that could have been done today.


Day 79 – Wednesday 20th March

I have been feeling a bit rough since Monday and it turned into a cold today but just took some meds and got on with my day…I keep getting colds so can’t just stay in bed. Had my Quran class in the morning and then a governors meeting in the afternoon. Then Bee wanted to go to the School Food Fayre after school when all I wanted to do was go home! Was so glad after Bee’s Quran class in the evening to get home and just rest. The driveway was also completed today.

At the food fayre I purchased a bag of salad which I then had in the evening with a bit of black eyed beans curry.



Day 80 – Thursday 21st March

Still feeling a bit rough so spent most of the day chilling at home. Yesterday at the food fayre I had entered the raffle and realised we won when the numbers were sent out. We won a box of food! I rarely win anything so was a nice surprise! Went and collected it and was surprised at how much there was.


Day 81 – Friday 22nd March

Had my electrolysis appointment in the morning and then came home and it was a toss up between cleaning or making Gajar Halva (its likes a carrot dessert). The carrots won.


Day 82 – Saturday 23rd March

Bee had karate in the morning and then she tried fight club too. I want her to do fight club as she enters some competitions and if she intends on continuing with that then she needs to she gets older she will come across tougher competitors. Then straight after class she went to a school friends birthday party at Bounce.



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