Project 365 for 2019 – Week 13

Day 83 – Sunday 24th March

We had been invited to Sea Life Hunstanton for their Jawsome Sharks event (there is a giveaway for a family ticket if anyone is interested) so spent the day at Hunstanton. On our return my mum told me that she had received a phonecall that my dads cousins wife was seriously ill again. I knew she was in hospital and had been meaning to go see her but first I had my bad cold and then got busy with the kids. Last time she was in hospital we went to see her a few times and the doctors had given her 3 months to live at that time. She was strong and continued to fight for over a year. I did consider going to see her after we got back from Hunstanton but then we would have got home late as it meant going to London and the kids had school in the morning. However it was too late…in the evening we received the call that she had passed away. I felt guilty for not getting round to going to see her.


Day 84 – Monday 25th March

Our faith requires us to have the funeral as soon as possible. As there were no complications her body was released immediately and her funeral was today at 2pm. Dad had a hospital appointment at 9.40am which we didn’t want to miss as it was his cataract operation pre appointment which we had been waiting months for. However it turned out it was a waste of time anyway because due to his blood pressure not coming down they will not be able to operate next week anyway so the appointment was cancelled. We managed to get to London in time for the funeral. We left as soon as the burial had taken place as I wanted to get home for the girls…a friend had agreed last minute to collect them and keep them with her until we got home so they didn’t miss school. Also the journey to London and the funeral had taken up a lot of dads energy and he wanted to get home. As we had been out all day we ended up eating out.


Day 85 – Tuesday 26th March

Feeling a bit drained today but back to everyday things. Had my kick boxing class in the morning, then went to school in the afternoon to read with the kids. However they had their forest school session and joined in with them to make hot chocolate! Bee had rainbows after school and she made me a Mothers Day card and decorated a cake.


Day 86 – Wednesday 27th March

Had my Quran class in the morning and then a relatively quiet afternoon. Bee received some new books to review which she was excited to receive.



Day 87 – Thursday 28th March

Had my electrolysis appointment in the morning and then had a governors meeting in the afternoon focusing on Phonics. Bee had karate after school and then when we got home she had to read her school book but the cat had laid claim to the book bag and was refusing to get off it!


Day 88 – Friday 29th March

The week has been kind of hectic and I was feeling a bit tired today. So in the morning I need nothing but stay in bed and catch up with some blog stuff. Then went to Bee’s school in the afternoon as they had a special mothers day event. The girls have received some Hatchimal CollEGGtibles to review and they were excited to hatch them today.


Day 89 – Saturday 30th March

Bee had karate this morning. She has started doing Fight Club too after which is training for when she enters the competitions. She is not sure about this anymore as the sessions are intense…but I have said to her that if she wants to enter competitions she has to practice as she is coming across more experienced children. Will give it a few more sessions and if she doesn’t like it will pull her out as she doesn’t have to enter competitions. Got home and cut the grass. Bee was a bit grumpy as she wanted her sister to play with her and her sister didn’t want to. Ended up putting the Wii on for them as that is one thing they will actually do together!


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