Project 365 for 2019 – Week 24

Day 161 – Sunday 9th June

Hubby had a early morning and then was back by 8am. So while the eldest was at horse riding we went shopping for a bit. Once she was back home and showered we popped to the embankment as there was meant to be a Jurassic Park experience with a huge dinosaur. However the event was pathetic and a lot of parents complained saying it was a ruse to get people to the funfair and spend money. Yes it was a free event but it was nothing like it was advertised….people had even come from afar just for the event. As the whole event was so disappointing and the place was packed…we decided to leave and drive to Leicester to eat. Ended up going to one of our favourite restaurants; Tipu Sultan.

Washing hands at Tipu Sultan

Day 162 – Monday 10th June

A relatively quiet day at home. Bee had cooking club and had made chocolate crispies. Glad it wasn’t biscuits or pastries as a lot of the time they are coming home uncooked. Had to put last weeks pastry back in the evening to finish it off as it was raw in places.


Day 163 – Tuesday 11th June

After 6 weeks of not going I finally went back to my kick boxing class. I almost didn’t go….after not going for so long it is easy to get lazy and just think you can’t be bothered..but made myself go and was glad I did. The constant rain isn’t helping either as it is pretty depressing!


Day 164 – Wednesday 12th June

Quran class in the morning and then a governor course in the evening. It rained pretty much all day!



Day 165 – Thursday 13th June

Hubby unexpectedly took today which messed up my plans slightly. The rain was chucking it down today so a relaxed day. I was initially meant to drive him to Milton Keynes to see a car…so I had cancelled Rosie’s vet appointment and another appointment I had but then didn’t end up going. In the evening he got us some dessert.


Day 166 – Friday 14th June

Didn’t feel like doing anything today…hubby got me some breakfast before he left for work and then I spent the morning catching up with some blog stuff.


Day 167 – Saturday 15th June

Karate in the morning with Bee until 1pm….then popped to mums house to collect the eldest and have some lunch. Bro was there and we ended up going car shopping but didn’t see anything we liked.

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