Project 365 for 2019 – Week 30

We are having a bit of a slow, relaxed start to the summer holidays.

Day 203 – Sunday 21st July

Eldest had her horse riding lesson today and Bee had an extra Quran class to make up for some she had missed. Decorator was in and got started on the walls. One of the walls I am painting blue to make a feature wall with some prints. When he first put the blue on I did think what have I done! But once the whole wall was done it grew on me and I liked it.


Day 204 – Monday 22nd July

Another day stuck at home while the decorator was finishing off. Didn’t do much except watch a bit of TV and get stuck in with some cleaning. Was on a mission to get the cooker cleaned.


Day 205 – Tuesday 23rd July

As the eldest was off school and Bee was still at school (it was her final day), treated the eldest to some shopping and lunch out. We don’t often get to spend one on one time like this so it was nice. Once Bee was home from school the summer holidays officially began!


Day 206 – Wednesday 24th July

A slow start to the holidays. Just wanted a lie in and not do much. Just watched a bit of TV and generally lazed around. I also watched some of the Bee’s at work in the garden.


Day 207 – Thursday 25th July

The hottest day today! The original plan had been to go to a local park with a friend and have a walk around. Once we saw the temperatures we cancelled. Instead I got the pool out for Bee and just relaxed at home.


Day 208 – Friday 26th July

Not a lot planned today. It was the nephews birthday and my parents had asked me to go get a cake for him. After had a bit of cake just relaxed at home again. We decided to try a spot of baking while the weather had cooled down slightly. Attempted scones and a cottage loaf. They weren’t perfect but not a disaster either. Also managed to get a blog post published about children’s books relating to hajj.


Day 209 – Saturday 27th July

Karate in the morning for Bee. We skipped fight club as she had a birthday to go to. Her friend was having a paddling pool party and we had been asked to take a towel and water guns if we had them. However the weather was really bad in the morning. We checked before we went if the party was still happening and thankfully for the two hours the rain mostly held off. Even though it was a little bit cold and overcast they all still managed to have a water fight!


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