Project 365 for 2019 – Week 36

Day 245 – Sunday 1st September

A quiet day. Eldest went horse riding and Bee and myself went shopping. Treated myself to a Fitbit Charge to help in my quest of getting fit! Picked up the eldest and as usual said hello to the horses and gave them their polos.


Day 246 – Monday 2nd September

Only 2 more days until back to school so made the most of it. Went to a local country park for the first time. It is only about 24 minutes away but just never got round to going. Went for a few hours and the girls practiced riding their bikes. They didn’t end up in a bush this time! Then treated them to lunch and late afternoon met up with a friend for dessert…had been promising Bee I would take her before the holidays ended so had to fulfil my promise! Used my Fitbit for the first time today properly and not entirely impressed. It counts steps while driving and even when just sitting and moving my hand around. Tempted to return it.


Day 247 – Tuesday 3rd September

Hubby had been talking about getting Hijama done which is otherwise known as cupping. Where cups are placed on the skin creating suction and then with small cuts small amounts of blood is drained. Someone had recommended a practitioner in London so we decided to go. While he was getting his treatment, myself and the girls did a spot of shopping. Then we all had lunch and came home. I remembered I hadn’t labelled the girls school uniform so quickly did them with some Stamptastic Stamps I had been previously gifted. Did think about returning the Fitbit but quite like the sleep and calorie tracker so may keep it just for that.


Day 248 – Wednesday 4th September

Back to school for both girls. I forgot to take a picture of them in the morning so took one of Bee on the way home from school! The house felt strange without them there…but think the cat was happy with the peace and quiet! Bee was a bit nervous but she came out of school happy.


Day 249 – Thursday 5th September

Tried to get back into working on the blog and ended up doing an IGTV video on some books I had been gifted back at the end of July. The back to karate in the evening and Bee got Star of the Class for her sparring. She also collected her Bo Staff that we had ordered after her workshop at the weekend.


Day 250 – Friday 6th September

Bee’s karate school had a fight night organised. Bee initially had said she hadn’t wanted to go but after Sensei reassured her that she will be placed in a suitable category she went. She ended up coming 1st in her category which boosted her confidence.


Day 251 – Saturday 7th September

A relatively quiet Saturday. Went to karate in the morning until 1pm. Then popped to Sainbury’s to get a few bits and pieces…and then a quiet rest of the day just relaxing and watching a bit of TV. Oh and doing the laundry!

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