Project 365 for 2019 – Week 43

Day 294 – Sunday 20th October

Horse riding week so went and saw the horses again when went to collect the eldest. It’s been a month since we went to see the horses as a fortnight ago it was raining so didn’t get out of the car. The horses were happy to get a polo again. While the eldest was at horse riding myself and Bee went to her friends house as she had just had a baby brother! Had forgotten how small babies are…..but I didn’t get broody!


Day 295 – Monday 21st October

A bit of a quiet day today. Did some general tidying up and put some things on Facebook to sell. Decided to see if anyone wanted a bunch of teddies that have just been shoved to the back of the cupboard.


Day 296 – Tuesday 22nd October

We had been invited to a halloween event which we declined attending as we don’t celebrate halloween and therefore not happy to promote it on my blog. The company were very understanding and instead we were invited to go to the local museum to take part in their events. We usually try to pay a visit to the museum anyway in the holidays so we went along and gave it a quick write up on the blog: Half Term Fun at Peterborough Museum.



Day 297 – Wednesday 23rd October 

The day hubby returned from Pakistan after 4 weeks away. People kept saying that must have dragged and that I must have missed him. Honestly? The 4 weeks went by in a flash and I didn’t really miss him much. He was always at work and I did everything when it came to the kids anyway…I only really missed being able to call him to ask him to get the bread and the milk on the way home. Oh and to catch the spiders that got into the house. Bee though missed him a lot and was so excited to go collect him from the airport. She stood waiting by the arrivals door until he walked through.


Day 298 – Thursday 24th October

A quiet day. Rosie made use of the suitcases as a bed….and hubby’s car broke down when he went out. So he spent all day getting that sorted. Thankfully it wasn’t a big issue and got fixed pretty quickly once the mechanics got to it.


Day 299 – Friday 25th October

Bee was invited to go to soft play with her friend for a few hours. While she was with her friend, I decided to treat the eldest to the cinema and we watched Maleficent. It was nice to be able to spend some one on one time with her – I am making a conscious effort to try to make more time for her as well as Bee does tend to take up a lot of my time.

Day 300 – Saturday 26th October

Cheating a bit here as this photo was actually taken on Thursday but we were at karate today all morning again. They have really gone all out with all the decorations and one of the posters is a bit spooky with zombies..which I thought might be a bit too scary for the younger ones. But thought this skeleton was pretty funky. They were also giving out sweets after each lesson which I thought was nice. Then an afternoon of chilling and watching TV.

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