Week 6 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 33 – 2nd February

Swimming in the morning and then just chilled in the afternoon.

Monday Day 34 – 3rd February

I have decided to quit the ladies cycling group. I did not want to ride on the roads around here, and I only really want to ride in parks etc when the weather gets better with the girls. But went to the pilates session. This time there was another lady there so I didn’t feel as awkward and it was fun. Will be going to that regularly now.

Tuesday Day 35 – 4th February

Didn’t really do much today. A bit of blog work and seeing what jobs are available. So just a picture of Rosie who took the old booster seat as her own and uses it as her bed!

Wednesday Day 36 – 5th February

Not a lot happened today…bit of cleaning and cooking and then took some pictures of a night light Bee was gifted, ready for a blog post which I will write at some point next week.

Thursday Day 37 – 6th February

Hubby’s day off today. Spent the morning just chilling and watching a film on Prime Video. Then he went to get his car’s tyres checked while I went into school to read with the kids. Then the girls activities after school. While Bee was at karate we decided to get the food shop done. I was after some low carb yoghurt….I haven’t been careful recently and my sugar levels have gone a bit out of whack and I need to sort myself out. Also published a post about helping your child with their GCSE options.

Friday Day 38 – 7th February

There are girls only cricket sessions happening in the evenings and I was tempted to take Bee when they first started a few weeks back. However the eldest also has her Islamic Studies classes and I would just be rushing around again…..but Bee expressed some interest. The first session was free so decided to give it a go as I could also work out how bad the traffic is at that time before we committed to going regularly. Ended up having to go and buy some trainers first as the only trainers she owns are for PE and they are kept at school! She loved the session and think we will be going regularly now as it is only £2.50 a session.

Saturday Day 39 – 8th February

Karate in the morning and then Islamic Studies class for the eldest in the afternoon. Whenever we find time, Bee spends some time rehearsing a poem she has to memorise for a drama festival. She has less than a month to learn it.

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