Week 27 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 180 – 28th June

Weather isn’t meant to be great this week so not much planned. Just chilling at home today. This pigeon is very nosey. He tends to come every evening to see if there is any food on the bird table and always has a good look in the conservatory to see what we are up to.

Monday Day 181 – 29th June

Was meant to be meeting up with one of Bee’s friends at the park today but the wind was pretty strong so cancelled. Thankfully I hadn’t told Bee we were meeting her friend so she was none the wiser and didn’t get upset. So another day at home. The eldest decided to put bird related clips on her phone for the cat and the cat actually sat and watched them!

Tuesday Day 182 – 30th June

Another windy day so more chilling at home and not doing much after a bit of school work was done. A new book arrived today, Aisha’s Eid Mubarak and the Wonderful Dresses and I managed to get a quick review and an IGVT video up on it.

Wednesday Day 183 – 1st July

Finally managed to get to the park to meet Bee’s friend who she hasn’t seen since March. They will be going to different schools in September so not sure if they will remain as close as they are now. The meet up didn’t last long as the weather wasn’t great again and it started raining a bit. Hoping to meet up for an afternoon picnic next week as the weather is meant to improve.

Thursday Day 184 – 2nd July

Feeling a bit meh, so after a bit of school work it was binge watching Ertugrul on Netflix and then Bee’s karate in the evening. Didn’t really take any pictures today so cheating a bit with this one. The girls were sent some dresses from Childrensalon, which arrived yesterday so spent some time working on a blog post for them to be published tomorrow. Will be sharing some pics of Bee in the dress next week.

Friday Day 185 – 3rd July

Bee had wanted to go to the park in the morning to practice her roller skating as since last week we haven’t had a chance. I had agreed as the weather forecast had said it wouldn’t rain until 12pm but when we woke up there were some showers so decided not to go. So yet again another day of nothing nothing. Everyone was feeling a bit rubbish so didn’t push Bee to do any school work. Their dad treated us to some ice cream when the van came round.

Saturday Day 186 – 4th July

Not a very nice day again. So decided to get out Bee’s knitting kit that she was given as a birthday present last year. But it all looked quite complicated and I was lacking the patience today so we put it away for another day.

I don’t like going to the supermarket, hubby does but then he doesn’t get all the things I want or gets the wrong things. Checked online and saw there were a number of click and collect times and even delivery slots available for Tesco so decided to book one and do some grocery shopping. Will be delivered tomorrow. Personally I will be sticking to online shopping for the foreseeable future after hearing how some people don’t care about social distancing..and I am still nervous about the virus due to being diabetic. Been hearing people say that the virus is here to stay and you just have to get on with it…but with health conditions that make you more likely to die if you get the virus then I am fine being called paranoid or being said to be over cautious.

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