Week 51 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 348 – 13th December

Another quiet day. A bit of TV and then some family games in the evening.

Monday Day 349 – 14th December

Bee had her ears pierced back in July and soon after we went and got lots of earrings in preparation of removing the starter ones after 6 weeks. However when her school didn’t say she didn’t need to take them out for PE, I decided to leave them in after they healed up very quickly the first time we tried to pierce her ears 2 years ago. Today we decided to have a go at changing them. One ear was fine but she said the other hurt a bit….but we managed to get some new earrings in. Will change them again in a week and see if it still hurts.

Tuesday Day 350 – 15th December

My niece went into hospital yesterday morning to be induced. Woke up in the morning to the news that she ended up having a c-section but is now mum to a beautiful little girl. A bit of good news in these stressful times – just hope I can go see her some time soon.

Wednesday Day 351 – 16th December

A busy day for Bee today at home. Her school had organised an online panto for the kids and sent a link for the kids at home isolating so she got to watch it too. Then later on her old screen did an online party for the Year 2 leavers. They had promised a get together and a huge leaving party once the virus was under control but as that isn’t looking like it will happen anytime soon they decided to do an online meet up. It wasn’t the same as a proper get together would have been, but all they could do under the circumstances.

Thursday Day 352 – 17th December

A quiet day. Heard that we have now gone into Tier 3. I really don’t get these restrictions and they don’t make sense to me when you see people out shopping and not social distancing but I can’t go see my family when I haven’t stepped foot out of the house in over a week…….but we can pretty much do as we like for 5 days over Christmas. I have given up trying to understand. Did some blog work and got a review live of a book I recently purchased: Let it go. Hubby was meant to grab some fish and chips on the way home from work so I didn’t cook…he then calls to say he will be home late and to order in. Minimum amount for delivery was £15 and the girls just wanted fish cakes and chips. So I ended up ordering some Ben and Jerrys Fudge Brownie ice cream to get the price up to the minimum amount for delivery…and they also sent some free Mince Pies!

Friday Day 353 – 18th December

Bee’s isolation ended last night. It was meant to last until the 21st but then the rules changed and shortened the self isolation period. Technically she could go back to school for the half day today but I decided against sending her. I had confirmed with the school if the absence would be marked at unauthorised but the head confirmed that it would be marked as continuing to isolate. I want the girls to see the grandparents and am happier taking them when they haven’t been to school…and I wasn’t going to risk that for 3 hours. In the evening we decided to go for a drive to check out the local Christmas decorations. Had heard of a house that was raising money for charity so headed there….I have never seen so many decorations on a house before. Every inch was covered and they even had a singing Santa!

Saturday Day 354 – 19th December

A quiet day. Did debate whether to go for a walk but then we decided on a marathon of watching the Home Alone films. But had enough by the end of Home Alone 2. Might try 3 tomorrow. My friend dropped off my Body Shop order of the surprise bag where I don’t know what I am actually getting! Was quite happy with the contents. Bee laid claim to the bath bomb. Then listened to Boris and discovered that our city has gone into Tier 4. Even though we don’t celebrate Christmas I was hoping to use those 5 days over Christmas and spend it with the parents but that is not possible now.

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