Week 52 of 2020 – Project 366

Sunday Day 355 – 20th December

So we are in tier 4 now which means no going out unnecessarily and no mixing of households. I had taken the girls to see the parents last night as we hadn’t been out of the house in well over a week and today I had to go over today as had to take dad for his first dose of vaccination. The fact is I am the one to take the parents to most of their appointments and if they want to fine me for going over then so be it.

There are a lot pf people saying those who are getting the vaccine are sheep…that the vaccine is a conspiracy etc etc. But with dad being over 80, having lost a friend horribly to this, my husband losing his cousin too…. then we will take the vaccine if it will help lessen his symptoms if he does get it.

Monday Day 356 – 21st December

Decided to do some baking today and made some Blueberry Muffins. Then just a bit of chilling and watching TV.

Tuesday Day 357 – 22nd December

Getting Bee to go on the Nintendo Switch Ring Fit every day to keep her active while at home. Then we read about Prophet Esa (Jesus) so she can be reminded of what we as Muslims believe rather than what she is taught at school – the main difference being that we do not believe that he was the son of God, but he is a highly respected Prophet.

Wednesday Day 358 – 23rd December

Non stop rain today which was a bit depressing as it was just dull and dark. Did absolutely nothing except watch TV. Picture of Rosie to reflect the laziness and mood today.

Thursday Day 359 – 24th December

Sorted out some of the kitchen cupboards and found some wholemeal flour. Decided to make some bread rolls. Also managed to get a book review done of a children’s Islamic book The Best Dua.

Friday Day 360 – 25th December

Christmas Day. We don’t celebrate in any shape or form. Just basically watched TV and made some gingerbread men. Which were a bit of a disaster as the dough was a bit crumbly and kept breaking. The neighbour gave the girls a jigsaw puzzle as a present in the morning…she caught my husband as he was cleaning the car ready for work. I hadn’t got her anything as she is a bit funny and we had had a falling out and hadn’t spoken for a number of years. Only started speaking this year due to the virus and checking in on her. But on previous occasions she would give presents – and we would give something back. I remember the last time she did give a present she left it on the front door and ran back inside her house. Then when I tried to give her something she never opened the door even though she was inside. This time I got Bee to write her a thank you card and we headed round after lunch as I knew she was alone as she’s estranged from her family… and thought it would be nice to simply say hello from the window. However she saw us from the window (she didn’t realise we had seen her) and she hid and didn’t open the door. So I came home and this time I phoned her as it did annoy me…and said we saw you but you didn’t open the door and that Bee just wanted to say thank you and she had drawn a picture for her. She made out she went to make a cup of tea. Next year we will not accept anything from her. We don’t even celebrate Christmas but out of politeness we accept the gifts although I would rather she didn’t give them…but like her I don’t like accepting anything without giving anything back so if she will not accept a gift from us then I don’t want anything from her…and frankly I find her not opening the door downright rude, especially when I had Bee with me. She also did it to charity people a few years back who were trying to deliver her a present from I think Age concern…and they asked me as I happened to be in my driveway and I just said she won’t open the door…she’s in there.

Saturday Day 361 – 26th December

Feeling a bit tired today as for some reason I couldn’t get to sleep till after 2am last night. So just crashed out on the sofa for most of the day watching TV yet again. Bee was on the Nintendo Switch so I had a go at Crash Bandicoot too. Had forgotten how much I had loved playing this when I was slightly younger.

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  • It’s OK with the people making the rules around Coivd but there has to be exceptions, like you! You are the one taking your parents to their appointments. It would be so wrong to fine you.
    The muffins, bread rolls and gingerbread men look so good.
    Your neighbour sounds a bit odd and very rude especially since you had Bee with you. How strange.
    Ohh! My youngest got a Nintendo Switch yesterday. I think I might have to get her Crash Bandicoot just so I can play it. hehehe! I used to love that game. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Week 52 of #Project366 – A photo every day for a year!My Profile

  • How strange of your neighbour, although nice she gave the girls a gift. Glad you’ve had a relaxing time. I think the ‘sheep’ comments are predominantly from people who like to stir on social media. They should just let people make up their own minds. We’ll all be getting them when we finally get called. So far they’re only doing the town surgeries, so not sure when our surgery will get the vaccine for the in laws to get theirs.

  • I’m thinking there is more going on than your neighbour just being rude, probably something undiagnosed. Is there the option near you of sending the girls to a Muslim school? My husband and I have never played computer games, I’ve heard of them though.

  • I would also get the vaccine and I am glad your dad has been able to have it. We are still waiting for my FIL to be able to have his. Your neighbour sounds a little mentally infirm. Very odd not to open the door and upsetting for Bee I would think. The gingerbread men look great, sorry they didn’t turn out as planned hope they still tasted great.
    Mudpie Fridays recently posted…How to Start GeocachingMy Profile

  • Your blueberry muffins and bread rolls looked fabulous! I kind of wish we still had a Switch now just for that game so we could be more active too. Although the boys have started going on their trampoline more so I am hopeful they will burn off some energy with that. Oh dear it sounds like your neighbour is a bit tricky, kind gesture giving a gift but then ruins it a bit with hiding away like that.
    Karen Langridge recently posted…Week 53 of 2020: Goodbye to 2020My Profile