Week 12 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 21st March – Day 80

A quiet day, not much happening. General tidy up and also sorted out some books I would like the girls to use during Ramadan which starts in April. Sometimes as parents we end up putting immense pressure on ourselves to make Ramadan fun and interesting for the kids and forgetting the essence of it. So am just keeping it simple this year.

Monday 22nd March – Day 81

Hubby took dad for a blood test in the morning before his appointment next week with the specialists. He got me some compost as wanted to plant some sunflower seeds with Bee which we did after she got home from school. Have started some off in pots and then when the weather gets better will try some direct in the soil. We are on a mission to get loads of sunflowers this year. Also got a blog post live in my Muslim Mums in Business series: Muslim Mums in Business – The Happy Stitch Studio.

Tuesday 23rd March – Day 82

Didn’t do a lot today. Cooking in the morning while the girls at school and then I got a blog review live about a book I recently purchased: The Gift of Ramadan.

Wednesday 24th March – Day 83

Finally cut the grass. Been wanting to do it for a while and as we hadn’t had rain for a few days I decided to give it a cut as the forecast for the next few days wasn’t great. Waited till the eldest got home so she could help me out a bit….and between us we did it. It will do for the first cut.

Thursday 25th March – Day 84

Bee was so happy when she came out of school. She had been selected to get the Headteachers Award out of her whole year for being kind, helpful, enthusiastic and a great friend. She also received a certificate with the badge.

I also had my 20 week scan. All is going as it should be and baby is developing nicely, they managed to get the measurements needed as baby was fairly chilled out. I did fid out the sex but I don’t do gender reveals and keep it within immediate family and closest friends. I was given the whooping cough vaccine and I also spoke to my the diabetic team and consultant about the Covid vaccine along with the nurse who administered my whooping cough vaccine. The diabetic team hadn’t even realised it was being offered to pregnant ladies and the nurse and consultant both said they would recommend I have it. There is not enough research out there for them to be 100% confident but so far the signs are good. The consultant even said if it was a family member she would be pushing them to get it. I still don’t know…they don’t know the long term effects on the baby. But then I have to weigh up the risks to pregnant women if they catch it….I have to also think about my girls who are here and need me…so I have to decide whether to put them first or be cautious for the sake of the baby’s health. I honestly just don’t know what to do. I can’t book it for the next 7 days anyway due to having the whooping cough vaccine today so have some time to decide. It is just concerning that some countries aren’t administering it to pregnant ladies while in the UK the guidance is not to have it UNLESS you are vulnerable…so kind of feel like a guinea pig if I do take it.

Friday 26th March – Day 85

A restless sleep last night and a sore arm due to the whooping cough vaccine. Just rested up and caught up with some blog work. End of term today and Bee came home with some Easter chocolate and eldest came home with some lateral flow tests and they are meant to test over the holidays too.

Saturday 27th March – Day 86

A day of doing absolutely nothing. Bee had been sniffing a bit last week and now myself and the eldest have full blown colds. So just rested up with a lot of TV and electronics for Bee.

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