2022 – Week 14 of Project 365

Ramadan started this week so for the next 4 weeks there will not be much happening. It is the easter holidays but between fasting and the eldest studying for her exams, we have nothing planned.

Day 93 – Sunday 3 April

First fast for us today. Wasn’t too bad waking up and thankfully Minu stayed asleep which allowed me to eat in the morning. Last year I managed to complete reciting the whole Quran during Ramadan but that was partly because I wasn’t fasting due to being pregnant so I wasn’t tired and was able to spend time reciting it without having a headache! This year will see how far I get. Attempted to read a chapter today, but Minu who usually has a long nap in the afternoon decided to wake up after 30 mins.

Day 94 – Monday 4 April

Bee has been fasting (her choice) and doing pretty well so decided to make the girls a special dessert. Although some people have lavish iftaars (the meal at sunset), we keep it really simple with our usual meals, so the dessert was a treat for the girls.

Day 95 – Tuesday 5 April

Went to my group in the morning with Minu while the other two girls were at home with their dad. Didn’t take any pics today.

Day 96 – Wednesday 6 April

Went to a group in the afternoon which was called a peer support group…a follow on from the one I went to yesterday. However I didn’t last long. There were 3 other ladies there who knew each other and they were having a good catch up before the meeting started…..I felt like a spare wheel. So I walked out…..I hadn’t felt particularly welcomed by them. Yes maybe I should have waited till it all started and introductions were made…..but when people look at you and can’t even be bothered to smile at you and try to make you feel part of it initially…..well frankly I would rather not be there. Later tried to get some blog work done. Took some photos of some milestone cards we received for Minu. Not much else happening.

Day 97 – Thursday 7 April

I had seen some Ramadan window stickers on an Instagram story and couldn’t resist getting them too! They arrived and we put them up.

Day 98 – Friday 8 April

Managed to get a review live for a new book we had received to review: The Most Exciting Eid. Not much else happening today.

Day 99 – Saturday 9 April

Another quiet day. Bee didn’t go to karate as she has had a bit of a cold since yesterday. I had told her not to fast but she woke up in the morning and ate. But later on said she had to break it as she needed water. Didn’t take any pictures today either.

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