Project 356 – Week 32

Week 32


In all honesty, it has been a bit of a go slow week!

Day 215 – A quiet day at home, didn’t really take any pictures except this one of Bee with an envelope on her head!

Day 216 – Hubby was off from work so dragged him to B&Q to check out paint for Munchkin’s room. I think he is on the verge of banning me from going as everytime I go I buy a plant and/or pot of some sort.

Day 217 – FINALLY went to London Zoo. You can read about it on our day out to London Zoo post.

Day 218 – Everyone was shattered after our day out. Even Bee….can you believe it??? Lol

Day 219 – Day mainly spent in the garden. Rosie decided to sit on the fence and try to terrorize the neighbours dog and the birds.

Day 220 – The girls had a teddy bear party!

Day 221 – Bee loves her happy hopperz she got as an Eid present but hasn’t quite got the hang of bouncing and moving forward yet!


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