Christmas Crowds

Asalaam Alaikum
Well it’s that time of the year when it becomes a bit of a mission to go shopping…. Christmas!!
Now don’t get me wrong. I love going into the city centre to see the lights… I think they are fab!
However, I can’t stand the crowds! 
For the past few years I have avoided going  in the run up to Christmas, especially in December.
Today my niece was visiting and my parents had promised to buy her a coat. So off we went to Tesco Extra as we were avoiding the city centre due to the EDL protests today.
How did it go? Well lets just say I will be hiding away in my house until at least the end of January! 
I was getting stressed by the crowds and my 11 year old niece couldn’t find a coat she liked. We checked out Next, H&M; and finally she liked one in Tesco’s! My thought was ‘Yes!! We can go home now!!’
I had wanted to check out the prices for i-phones at Tesco, but after just 20 minutes I just wanted to come back to the safety of my nice quiet home.
Is this simply a sign of getting old???

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  • Asalaamu alaikum sis, jazakAllah for visiting me!
    I love shopping (too much) but hate the crowds and avoid sale times. I havent been into town for about a month and im so desperate to go but dunno if i can handle the Christmas frenzy!!!
    Aqeela xx