The School Run

Asalaam Alaikum
Well this is my rant of the week!
I joined the wonderful world of School Run’s in September when my munchkin started reception. Let’s just say the first week seriously put me off. On the first day I came crawling (well driving) home like a drowned rat as it decided to rain just as the kids came out. Where was my umbrella? Yeah you guessed it… I had left it in the car.
The thing that amazes me is parents do not want to walk a few hundred yards and will park inconsiderately on yellow lines etc. I feel like shouting to them it’s not going to kill you to walk a few yards is it?? If it wasn’t for the fact that I only have 10 minutes between dropping her off to school and getting to work I would walk her to school. 
The other day I squeezed past a car parked on yellow lines and there was a car coming towards me. I do the sensible thing of slowing down to try to edge past this car and let her get past. Got the shock of my life when all of a sudden she just stops in the middle of the road, her driver door opens, and she gets out. I was this close to hitting her door. She looked pretty mad and I thought perhaps she was angry at me and thought I should have stopped.  So I psyche myself up to get ready for a scrap!  Must say I was slightly worried as she had a cigarette in her mouth and looked pretty tough too.

She gets out swearing but then realised her anger was directed at another driver who had just got out of his car. I’m not too sure what happened but I think as he was getting out of his car his door hit her battered old car which looked like it was going to fall into pieces anyway.  She swore at him and he swore back and she got back in her car and shut her door…so I start to go forward when all of a sudden her door swings back open so again I slam on my brakes. She yet again gets out and goes to this other persons car and hits it on the roof :jawdrop: Then gets back in her car with a smile and drives off.

Road rage or what?!?

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