Every mummy should have………

A thermometer!
Asalaam Alaikum
I’ve decided to keep with the theme of sickness in this post seeing as in my house we are all down with this bug that seems to be going round. (In all honesty my brain is mush at the moment so i’m keeping things simple 🙂 )
I had never bothered to get a thermometer when my daughter was born thinking what is the point? It’s quite easy to tell if her temperature is up as she feels warm and is flushed! Then last year all the hysteria regarding swine flu prompted me to invest in one and I would recommend it to anyone. 

Braun 4520 Thermoscan Ear Thermometer

It is so easy to use and takes a reading within seconds. It’s memory function remembers the last few readings so you can compare the temperatures to see if the temperature is coming down or going up.

All in all a nifty little product!

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