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Asalaam Alaikum
I may have mentioned that my little princess is 4 mashaAllah! (Where does the time go!?)
Well as Christmas is coming up she is now learning about Christmas and the story behind it. Now I personally do not have a problem with her learning about it as I believe that you should learn about other religions to be more accepting of everyone. And to be frank I can’t keep her locked up in some kind of bubble so she doesn’t learn about things I don’t want her to learn about. It’s virtually impossible to do that living in the west.
Prior to her starting school I guess I was a chilled out mummy not putting any real demands on her and simply letting her be a child! I did not put pressure on her and demand she knew her alphabet and her numbers before she started school or even put any pressure on her religiously.
Now she has started school and bringing reading books home I felt it was time to start teaching her a bit about Islam. Especially since she is learning more about the Christian faith while at school. I noticed on a forum a mummy mention Quran Stories so I googled it and came across quite a few books. I finally decided to order the gift box:
The gift box contains 20 separate stories:
The King?s Magicians
Allah Made Them All
A Unique Miracle
The Sleepers of the Cave
The Old Man?s Prayer
Uzayr?s Donkey
The Wise Man and the Prophet Musa
The Treasure House
Luqman?s Advice to His Son
The Light of Allah
The Morals of Believers
The Honoured Guests
The Prophet Shuayb and the Earthquake
Ramadan and the Quran
The Angel?s Prayer
The Traveller?s Prayer
The Army of Elephant
The Prophet and the Blind Man
Love Your Parents
They haven’t arrived yet as they were out of stock at www.islamicgoodsdirect.co.uk.
When they do arrive will let you know what I think of them.

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  • Thanks for sharing this…Let me know what they are like when they arrive and I will get them too. It is very hard knowing the best way for our children. We 'celebrate' Christmas in our house but not for it's true Christian origins…we have a tree to celebrate the winter period and we exchange presents to celebrate family life. The date of Christmas does not mean anything to me but it is a time we enjoy because everyone is off work and together. I want BB to grow up knowing the true way that is Islam but also not 'yearning' for a different way such as wanting to celebrate Christmas for the wrong reasons etc.

    I think it is good that children learn all about religion and all the different religions too. I was brought up as a Christian but I now class myself as a Muslim because everything I have studied and now live by makes so much more sense to me. Inshallah BB will be the same x

  • Will definately let you know what they are like when I get them.

    Alhamdulillah glad you found Islam and feel it makes sense! Especially these days when there is so much negativity towards it. xx