DAY 1: A picture and 15 facts

Asalaam Alaikum
I’m taking part in a 30 day photo challenge….. lets see how far I get! 
I do apologise but I won’t be putting a picture of myself on my blog. 
So this is my compromise!
1. I am in my late twenties
2. I have one daughter who is 4 (alhamdulillah!)
3. I live in the UK
4. I have a rabbit and budgie
5. I’m a chocoholic!
6. I have a law degree
7. I work with the Citizens Advice Bureau
8. I would love to own my own horse and stables
9. I am admin on a forum Muslimahs United
10. I love reading
11. I love cars and driving! Would love to go on one of those one day car racing experience!
12. I can get angry quite quickly!
13. My background is Pakistani
14. I would love to write a book
15. I want to move out of the UK

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