Parenting: Appreciate your parents

Asalaam Alaikum.

 I saw a client today at work and it really made me think.

The poor woman’s husband had passed away some time ago and she had struggled to bring up 3 sons on her own. Now they are at the age where they can support their mother but it seems like they are doing nothing. She asked one to work and help out but he left home and she doesn’t know where he is. She’s about to be evicted from her home and she is running around trying to resolve the issue but as she can’t speak English it is difficult. All this had aged her and she looked much older than her years. She said they don’t respect her and don’t listen to her.

 My heart went out to this poor woman.

 It just made me think. How happy we are when our children are born. The dreams and hopes we have for them and the future. The love we feel for them before they are even born. The pain we go through to give birth and for some even a very difficult pregnancy. We watch them grow up, start to walk, talk and explore things around them.

I wondered how I would feel if munchkin ever treated me like that. It didn’t bear thinking about. I’m sure a part of me inside would die if my child treated me like that, as it seems it has done with this woman.

 It scared me. A child shouldn’t turn on their parents like this. It could happen to anyone.

 Appreciate your parents. Without them you wouldn’t even be here.

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