Jealousy and envy

Asalaam Alaikum
 It has been narrated that the prophet (peace be upon him) said: “avoid jealousy because it burns good deeds the way fire burns wood.”  
I could go into the islamic aspect of jealousy a bit more but the purpose of my blog is not to make it a religious one but keep it general with my random ramblings!
I see jealously and envy a lot around me. I have a family member who appears to be jealous of anything my family purchases. The result, he has to go out and get the same thing but better if possible.
Now I have a Ford car and my bro had a Fiat. This person went out and first got a newer version of the Fiat, and then got his wife a newer version of my Ford. (This is after both of them saying it was not a good car – I think they were trying to make me jealous).
I got a nintendo DSi. He went out and got the hand held PSP thing? (cant remember what its called).
I got a black wii, he now has the red wii.
My parents got a new TV, he went and got one.
And the list goes on!
My brother and myself noticed this so we started to play with him a bit. My bro said he was going to buy a sat nav…… yep you guessed it, he got one before my bro could. I said I reckon samsung phones are much better and was going to get one …. he got one first.
WHY? Just be grateful for what you do have and don’t put yourself into debt getting things that you don’t really want or need! 
Alhamdulillah for what I have and that I don’t feel the need to be like this person!
However, I am now tempted to hire a BMW for the day and make sure he sees me in it!!! 
Shall I do it?? 😉

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