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Asalaam Alaikum
I am absolutely fuming today.
Taken from Sky News: The Blackburn MP talked of a “specific problem” involving Pakistani men who were “fizzing and popping with testosterone”. He added that a minority of these young men considered vulnerable white girls as “easy meat”. “These white girls almost exclusively come from chaotic families, some are in care. Otherwise they would not be out on the streets, aged 12, 13, 14.”Mr Straw said he believed the young men were targeting white girls because Pakistani-heritage girls were “off limits”.

Are British white men not grooming girls? Are chinese? American? Why focus simply on the British Pakistanis? (who are in the minority).
Is Mr Straw and his colleague who support him asking other communities to deal with the sex offenders in their communities? It is a criminal offence, the justice system should deal with them. How do they expect the Pakistani community to deal with this and stop them? If someone is going to do this disgusting act then they will no matter what their background is.
If a British White did this would the headlines be WHITE BRITISH MAN?? No it would simply say man.
I work in the prison and unfortunately do sometimes come across sex offenders. I have yet to come across an Asian sex offender.
Mr Straw, I know quite a few ‘white girls’ married to British Pakistani’s and living quite happily, having even converted to Islam. Maybe that is what is really worrying racist idiots who are prepared to stereotype a whole community.
It just seems another excuse to potentially stir trouble for muslims and hatred towards the pakistani community. 
(At this point I wish I had a punchbag!)

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