Moon Dough

Asalaam Alaikum

Last week was half term so I took my niece and daughter to Toys R Us to have a wander around.

I was thinking to buy some moon sand (to satisfy my curiosity as kept seeing it) but they only had the construction themed moon sand which my daughter didn’t want.

We spotted moon dough and it’s the first time I had heard of it. The bunnies pack took our fancy seeing as we already have a rabbit, so we purchased it.

When we first opened it and felt the moon dough I did find it slightly odd. It has a completely different texture to any other dough I have felt. It felt foamy and as soon as we removed it from the pack it was a bit crumbly. My first thought was ‘Uh oh, this is going to cause a lot of mess!’

After pressing it all together we used the dough in the magic moulding bunny tree. You put the dough in the top. Turn the handle and out pops a bunny!! I was quite impressed with that. I was not overly impressed with the moulds to make the carrots and lettuces though as I could not get them to come out right.

The dough does tend to crumble easily and we ended up with bits of dough all over the place and clothes. However it was really easy to remove. We just brushed it off the clothes and used a bigger bit of moon dough to collect it. Any excess was hoovered up quite easily.

It claims never to dry out. Over a week later and not sealed in a packet, it still seems to be the same quality.

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