Pak v India!

Asalaam Alaikum
It is the long awaited match tomorrow! Pakistan v India!! Even I am getting dragged into it all and actually getting excited about it!
I am not a huge fan of cricket but always expressed an interest in it whenever Pakistan or England played. Then when it was Pakistan v England I was always debating who to support.  My background is Pakistani and I was born and raised in England…. so as a teenager I was unsure who to cheer on!!! 
No longer will I have this confusion. Even if they play England I will always support Pakistan!! England may be my current home but hopefully not forever.
This game between Pakistan and India is mega important. There are years of conflict between these two countries and my hubby was saying he does not care about whether Pakistan win the final, they just have to win THIS match!
Wednesday is going to be one day of tension for both the pakistanis and the indians!
InshAllah Pakistan will win!! Pakistan Zindabad!! 

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