We have chicken pox!!

Asalaam Alaikum!

We have chicken pox in the house!! I have been dreading this moment since I heard that a few children in her class were off sick with it.

Munchkin came home from school and was riding her bike quite happily. When I called her in to have something to eat she started whinging a bit, so I thought  she was just playing up. She ate and then was immediately sick. Later when I was undressing her I noticed the spots on her chest. I rang a friend in a panic asking her if chicken pox starts off with just a few spots. She confirmed this so rang hubby to get some calamine lotion.

I had been hoping and praying that she doesn’t get it. Why the big deal you may ask? I know children get it all the time but the problem is I have never had it as a child. Everything I have read seems to suggest that it is worse for adults.

Only time will now tell if I catch it too 🙁

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  • Oh no! I hope she gets better soon and I hope that if you do catch it then it's not too bad for you!
    I had it at 16 years old and I remember all my friends laughed at me because they associated it with a little kids thing and were suprised I hadn't got it til then.

    Isha'allah you will be fine

  • Assalamu Aleykum dear sister,

    My son had chicken pox when he was 3 months old and I caught it as well as I had not had it as a child.I think it's better for your daughter to have it when she's a child, because it was really hard for me as an adult.

    I pray that everything will go smoothly for you and your daughter INSHALLAH.Ameen!

    LOt of love to you and your little angel.

  • JazakAllah Khair sisters and Ameen to your dua um Zakarya!

    Aww Amelia it does seem to be associated with children. I'm going to feel a bit odd having to say I have chicken pox lol. I've read that if I have caught it I won't display any symptons for 11 days apparently.

    Umm Zakarya you are right that it is better for her to have it as child. Alhamdulillah she hasn't been too bad today and has been eating and drinking.