Seed Planting

Asalaam Alaikum
As we had some gorgeous weather on Saturday I decided to start planting some of my seeds. Ever since I moved into my house I have been keen on gardening and growing flowers and vegetables from seed. (Sometimes I cheat and get them already grown!)
Munchkin and I dug out all the pots we could find in the garage. We have plenty more but felt this was probably enough.

I decided to start off my tomatoes, peppers and sweetcorn:
Also decided to start some flowers off for my hanging basket. I ordered the seeds from Jersey Plants online a while ago:
It didn’t take us long to get them all done. We also planted a couple of sunflower seeds. The big tray has the flower seeds in it.
And even our rabbit wanted to join in on the fun!
5 days later all the sweetcorn seeds have germinated and 1 sunflower seed has also grown! 

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