In your face, rabbit!!!

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all

This is my darling rabbit who absolutely loves to help me with the gardening by eating my plants. Or even better by digging them up as soon as I plant them.

Now he is quite a cheeky chap and as soon as my back is turned he jumps into my pots and digs up any bulbs I have planted. Recently he has gotten quite brave and will do it when I am looking and will not move until I go and give him a hard shove.

This is his favourite pot at the moment. They are meant to be daffodils but he has wrecked some bulbs and squashed some plants. Today was the final straw when he just lay in the pot and I had to actually pick him up as he refused to get out.

So I thought I will teach him a lesson.

That’s right! I went and got a new plant to put in the pot!

I would like to see him try to get in the pot now!!! No space for him to lay in it or dig away, and then look at me as if to say ‘What are you going to do about it huh?!’

Yeah rabbit, you just sit there sadly and look at the pot!! Serve’s you right for trying to mess with me and my plants!! Ha ha ha.

Note: I love my rabbit to bits and I am not cruel so no contacting the RPSCA please just because I took away his favourite pot!

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  • Wa Alaikum asalaam Amal! Rabbits can make lovely pets.

    Rose water: MashAllah your rabbit is tooo cute! I would love to have a cat too but my hubby is not keen! 🙁 Inshallah one day

    Thanks for dropping by Maryam!

  • what a gorgeous rabbit, I had one many years ago whose fur was shiny black just like yours . Love rabbits. Glad I stumbled on another muslim sisters blog.

    salam, Adla

  • Asalaam Alaikum sis! Welcome to my blog! I have always been into cats, the rabbit was a compromise as my hubby wasn't happy with a cat. Now I wouldn't be without my rabbit!