Jealousy and envy

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!!
Some of you may remember I did a blog post about this a while ago. You may want to read it here first as its a continuation.
Well I got a newish car a few weeks ago. It is just under a year old. I opted to get a ford focus which is slightly bigger. I had wanted to buy a brand new fiesta because I could have got a new fiesta for the price I got the focus for. However, this persons wife had been going on and on about getting a new fiesta (I had told her I had test driven one a few months ago). So I decided not to get one of those. I could have got another make of car and kept it small but I prefer Ford’s and have always had a Ford.
Well today she made me M.A.D. And I mean MAD!! I almost bit my tongue off in the effort of keeping my mouth shut. She could not find fault in the car so she picked on the colour:
‘Well at least mine is bright, not like yours………………. GREY!’
EXCUSE ME??? It is in fact SEA grey. I would rather have a grey car that doesn’t attract attention instead of a freaky green car that is recognised from miles away.
THEN she went on to say the newer focus’s are so much nicer.
If she goes out and buys a new focus I will scream!!! Not because she will have a newer car…. but because of the copying and the competition!!!!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I think she needs to be reminded of this:

“Keep away from jealousy for as fire burns wood, so jealousy consumes good actions.” (Abu Dawud)    

At the moment I am having to remind myself of these hadiths! 

“He is not strong who throws down another, but he is who controls his anger.” (al – Bukahri, Muslim)                                                                                                     “If anger rouses anyone, he should sit down and if that does not help, he should lie down.” (at-Tirmidhi)

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  • I am a new reader here and you have a lovely blog MashaAllah.I assume she is not your friend…that kind of jealousy is so very dangerous.

    May Allah protect you (and yours)from the evil eye *ameen*

  • Welcome to my blog and JazakAllah Khair for your kind comments.

    Unfortunately it is actually a family member, which makes it all the difficult to deal with as I cannot get away from them.