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Asalaam Alaikum/Hi All
Bit of a rant today! Having a rough week as it is and then I got a letter from munchkin’s school saying they are not authorising 10 days holiday at the end of October and beginning of November.
Now I understand the importance of education, having a law degree behind me, but come on…. is 10 days really going to scar her education for life???? It is not even an exam year!!!
I was initially going to go to Pakistan in the easter holidays this year but hubby couldn’t go and the tickets were working out to be over £1400 for just myself and munchkin.
I was then going to go in August during the end of the summer holidays as the tickets were slightly cheaper but my father in law was not happy as he said it is too hot and didn’t want his granddaughter getting ill. 
So I looked at the ticket prices for October half term and the price was coming  up at just over £1400 for all 3 of us. So I jumped at that price and booked them. This means I need 10 days holiday from school which is the maximum they allow. 
Yes, yes, before you start saying I should have got permission from the school before I booked the tickets….. I KNOW! I genuinely believed it wouldn’t be a problem as it is not an exam year and we hadn’t asked for holidays during term time this year.
The reason they gave was that she doesn’t have 95% attendance so far. This is because she had chicken pox and a number of colds over winter. Unfortunately both her and I pick up colds very quickly. I haven’t purposefully taken her out of school and to be frank it makes life difficult for me when she is ill as it causes problems at work. However I never sent her back to school until she was fully recovered even if it meant I made her take an extra day off to make sure she was fit and well. Clearly I  am now being penalised for that. Next time I will send her to school with a snotty nose so she can infect all the other children. 
I don’t want to take her without the schools permission so I am going to have a word with them tomorrow. My plan had been to take her during school time this coming school year and after that try to fit it in the school holidays as I understand they have exams in year 2 and also as she gets older the studying is more intense. At the moment it is just play.
Basically my choice now is to pay £375 to cancel the tickets……. or be fined £100 for taking her on holiday without permission.
No contest really.

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