Possible move to Spain??

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all
Yes, we may have a chance to move to Spain. It is early days, not definate at all but it is bugging me.
I DO want to move. I am sick of the UK and I am completely sick of my job and I have been saying to hubby lets move. But to Dubai or somewhere like that. Never ever considered Spain. So I am a bit hmmmmm.
Hubby knows someone who is a pretty big businessman. About a year ago he was going to start a project not far from us and was thinking to get hubby involved. It never happened. Apparently he is now thinking Spain. It seems the job (not yet entirely sure what it is) would include accommodation for us so it is unlikely I would have to work. BONUS.
BUT I am so not sure about Spain.
I am now also reluctant to leave my parents behind. Yes my hubby has left his parents alone in Pakistan but he wanted to come to the UK and it was his mission in life to get to the UK. My parents have been through a lot. A sons death, another son who doesn’t seem to bother much and a daughter who has ongoing marital problems. So my munchkin really is the thing that keeps them happy and keeps them going. If I took her away they would be miserable.
Unless they came with us. Then it wouldn’t bother me so much.
But Spain??!
I know there is a chance it might not happen. However I need to make it clear if I want to move to Spain or not before hubby gets too involved.
Arrggghh!! What to do??!

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  • Asalaamu alaikum sis, yep, deffo do istikarah insha'Allah and hopefully you will come to a decision soon after. I love England and dont think id ever like to live anywhere else (though i would consider leaving Leicester but i doubt that will happen – were happy here tho). Spain seems an unusual choice though!
    Aqeela xx

  • Praying seems to be the best advice I would give you. I understand you don't want to leave your parents behind thought.
    I hope you'll find out more on this soon. Keeping you in my prayers. Have a lovely week-end and keep you Faith alive. God works mysterious ways. xx

  • Salaam alaykum,

    I see you already got some good advice.
    Do you know the language by the way?

    I would also love to move, but I think I would reacted like you if spain or some other European country came up.

  • Wa alaikum asalaam sisters. Thanks for your comments.

    Aqeela, I am just fed up of the UK now.

    Yes Marie, leaving parents would be the hardest thing. Have a lovely weekend too!! True, if we do end up moving there will be a reason behind it.

    Umm Mini… no I don't know the language. That is scary in itself

  • Salam Alaikum

    Well i think you're putting too much into it. I think it would be a great opportunity for you InshaAllah. It would be nice with a change of scenario, plus it's easy and cheap to jump on a plane back to the UK, whenever you want 😀
    The language isn't that hard, once you're there and you hear it all the time, then you will absorb it quite quickly. Your princess will also have spanish friends and i'm sure she'll adapt aswell InshaAllah
    with regards to your parents, well they can always come to visit and visa versa and in the meantime internet is a great way to keep in touch aswell.
    You can go there for a couple of months, if you don't like it, come back and let your dh finish his contract out there..

    but obviously pray for Allah's guidance aswell, as the others have said