Ramadan Drive, please help the sister.

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi All

I just wanted to share details of a ramadan drive being held by Urbanmuslimahs.com

Taken from their facebook page here:

RAMADAN is approaching soon insha’Allah.. UrbanMuslimahs.com will be putting together packages to give to other who are in need.. BUT we need your help..

Should you have gently used clothing, bags of rice, pasta, spices, vegetable/olive/sunflower oil, bottled water..non-perishable foods..partially used gift-cards(to give to children), able to obtain vouchers at local halal butchers and so forth please let us know..
This year we are collecting for those in or within Toronto area, next year insha’Allah we will expand to America.. every lil bit helps!!!!
ALSO starting today, 10% off of each purchase made from the website will be donated to this Ramadan cause/drive.
May Allah(swt) reward us all and protect us from the fitnah that exists within this Dunya
I am doing this for no charge, so rest assured
I think this is an excellent idea and may Allah Subhana Wa Taala greatly reward those involved. If you are in the Toronto area then I urge you to help if you can inshAllah!

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