Confidence Issues: Part 2

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi All
You may remember that a few days ago I did a post about munchkins confidence. You can read it here if you haven’t already. 
Well I just wanted to update you all as she completely surprised me today.
My work colleague popped round today to drop off a cross trainer. ( I will refer to her as J.)
As I saw the car pull up I told munchkin my friend is here, fully expecting her to hide. However, she seemed keen to see who it was.
J said hello to her and munchkin kind of smiled and went back indoors. So I just assumed she went to hide.
As we were unloading the cross trainer out of J’s car munchkin came out; she had only gone in to put her shoes on. I was pleasantly surprised by this. Alhamdulillah! She still didn’t talk though. But it was a step in the right direction seeing as she didn’t go and hide under her duvet.
J decided to pop in to see the rabbit, and she didn’t push munchkin to talk to her because she already knows what she is like.
Suddenly it was if the cat had let go of munchkins tongue!! She started talking non stop to J and I couldn’t get a word in at all. She started showing J her school pictures, her toys and I gave up trying to have a conversation. She even touched J to get her attention at one point. I was literally sitting there with my mouth open in shock.
My hubby came home in the middle of this and was a bit shocked too lol. He then did say afterwards that perhaps I should have stopped her as it was bad manners to let her talk over us. To be honest I was just so happy that she was actually talking to someone that I did not want to stop her. J understands anyway as I have always said munchkin is too shy.
I now need to find a way to tell munchkin she needs to wait until the adults have finished talking before she interrupts. However I need to find a way of doing this without breaking her new found confidence.
It made my day though seeing her be so confident mashAllah. I haven’t made a big deal out of it as she can get embarrassed quite easily. InshAllah the lack of confidence was just a phase and she is growing out of it now.

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  • I may not be an expert, but how about play dates, or enrolling her in some activities, so that she can learn build her confidence.

  • So glad to here that she finally talked to somebody! 😀
    I also hope that it is just a phase, and gradually she will grow out of it and keep hold of that confidence firmly.

    Thanks for sharing! Your posts about your family are so cute =] x

  • I always find that just as I start to really worry about something, Allah(swt) eases my worries. InshAllah your little one will keep gaining confidence.

    I find that when I am trying to talk to my SIL's and my son keeps trying to interrupt I just explain to him that he may talk to his pupo in just a minute but mommy has to finish first. It always works, mashAllah, and he will patiently wait until we finish. Well most of the time anyways, after all he is only three and a half 😉

  • @Haifa, when she was younger she went to Tumble tots, she now goes to after school clubs and I have tried to get her in to tae kwon do but she wasn't too keen so didn't want to push her

    @Yours Truely, thanks for your comments! I am a bit random in my blog posts lol! x

    @Aishah SubhanAllah that is so true. I tend to start panicking about something and then Alhamdulillah it gets sorted.
    InshAllah I will try that with her next time.

  • Awh this was great masha'Allah! And to think she had you fooled for a good 5 years.

    I'm making notes from your blog for when my time comes! So thank you for sharing your stories. 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead. 🙂

  • Thanks Nas. I'm thinking school has clearly helped her confidence more than I thought!

    InshAllah you will make a lovely dad when the time comes. 🙂

    Enjoy your week too.