Never put off till tomorrow……

what you can do today ~ Thomas Jefferson
Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all
My hubby came home from work yesterday in a pretty somber mood. One of his work colleagues suddenly died. She was only in her 40’s.
Apparently my hubby and his other colleagues were just standing around when she saw them and came to have a quick chat. They all had a laugh and a joke and then they went their separate ways.
Less than an hour later she was found dead in her car.
It is unclear what happened. But they found a message on her system today saying that she couldn’t see and her head……. that is where it ended. She clearly couldn’t manage to finish it or send it. They are thinking it was possibly a brain haemorrhage. 
So sad. Although I didn’t know her I really felt for her and her family. Her children waiting for her to come home, her partner waiting to give her a hug after a long day at work….not expecting a police man turning up at your door. Just thinking about it made me want to cry. I pray that they find the strength to get through this very difficult time.
Just shows really, your time could come totally unexpectedly. 
I don’t know why but I have been thinking about death alot recently anyway. What scares me so much is leaving munchkin behind. Just thinking of that brings tears to my eyes.
I jokingly said to my hubby a while ago that if anything happened to me then to give munchkin to my sister if he remarries, as I know my sister will love her as if she was her mum. I don’t think he was too keen on that idea.
Don’t take it for granted that you are going to be around while your children grow up. Don’t even take it for granted that you are going to be around tomorrow. Love and cherish every moment you have with them, give them as much life skills as you can, while you can.
And make sure they know they are loved.

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  • Awh! That is so sad. God bless that lady's family. Death can be so unexpected, and it does not wait or ask permission. We should always be prepared in every way we can.
    Thanks for sharing! =] x

  • It is very sad and I understand your worries, when you have children life is different. May God help this family in their grief and help us to remember our life can stop any time.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Stay well and keep Faith. xx

  • I can totally relate to this one. Death can creep onto you like a shadow and you will never know from whence it came.

    May the Almighty grant the family strength and sabr to bear this great loss.