Presents for the school teacher

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all
Just wanted to share these gorgeous henna candles I got as gifts for munchkins teacher and assistant. They are soooo lovely that I don’t want to give them away!
I debated whether to give munchkins teacher a present. I don’t remember ever giving my teachers anything but realised it now seems pretty common.
BUT do I really want to be buying gifts every year? 
In the end I decided that this time I will get some gifts. It has been munchkins first year at school, (where has the time gone!?), and it has gone well. Her teachers are both lovely and they have really helped improve munchkins confidence. Her confidence has been a major concern for me – you can read about her confidence issues here.
Munchkin is so excited about giving them to her teachers tomorrow. InshAllah they will like them! 
The candles I got from a henna artist in Leeds. Her work is amazing mashAllah. So amazing that I could sit and look at her pictures all day! She does a wide range of candles, these ones I ordered are small with an intricate pattern. She can also do simple patterns which cost less. 
She even does her henna art on canvas! 
I am soooo tempted to get one to hang on our living room wall.

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  • The candles look really lovely! I've never seen henna candles before. I thought henna was just for hands lol. I really like the design on the candles. =) x

  • Asalamu alaikum,
    does the henna artist have a web page sis?
    They look really pretty mahallah.

    (if there is one) Don't leave out the teaching assistant! We like present's too 😉

    P.S: I like your new layout, i've just revamped mine today.

  • thanks all!

    Yara, I have not come across a website for her but she does have a facebook page. If you have a FB account and are interested then let me know and I will message you her details on twitter. I'm not sure how public she wants to go so that's why didn't put all her details on her. (You have to add her as a friend on FB to get her details – not a public page).
    LOL one of the candles is for the teaching assistant.

  • Assalamu Aleykum,

    It has become quite common to give teachers presents in France as well.Last year I bought a nice flower bouquet, but this year my son had a a male teacher so I bought him a book about islamic and arabic history.My son really liked his teacher alot(kinda father subsitute) so he was really happy to give him his gift.

    Those candles are really beautiful MashALLAH and I wish I could get one as well :)I'm sure no other parent will give them the same present!

  • wa alaikum asalaam umm Zakarya

    MashAllah that sounds like a lovely gift

    Sis if you want some candles then let me know, will get them posted to you.

  • Oh that would be so nice of you, I could brag about my henna candles (just kiding here).More seriously I would love to give some to my mother in law, I'm sure she would like them.I could pay you for the candles and shipping cost through paypal or western union, whatever is easier for you.You can email me at jennysunshining at hotmail dot com and I'll give you my address InshALLAH.Thank you so much for your kind offer, hope you don't mind me accepting it 🙂