Flash Flood!!

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!

Well I was at work today waiting for 3pm so I could come home. I was actually desperate to get home because due to the air conditioning at work I was beginning to feel like an ice popsicle.

I share an office with around 10 other people and they seem to like it cold. SO I just have to grin and bear it. I am finding it even colder in ramadan because while fasting I always feel colder. So basically all my clients think I am mad when I am wearing a light cardigan and they are all sweating!!!

Anyway the sky was just getting darker and darker so I just knew that the heavens were about to open. I was hoping it would wait until I got home. As I left work the thunder and lightning started and it started raining slightly. I went to pick up munchkin from my parents house and as soon as I stepped foot indoors it chucked it down. And I mean chucked it down!!!

The rain was so bad you literally couldn’t see and the sound on the roof of my parents conservatory was horrendous!!!

As soon as it stopped, about 10 minutes later, I left as needed to get home to start preparing food for iftari, (for those that don’t know what iftari is, it is when we open our fast). And this is what I found on the roads:

The drains obviously could not cope with the sheer volume of water!

And if you think this road was bad you are wrong! It was nothing compared to another road I went on. I didn’t manage to take a picture of that as I was so worried my car was going to float away!

(I was tempted though to drive fast past a group of people outside a pub and splash them!! But they saw sense to move back!! LOL)

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  • ohh scary! whereabouts in the uk are u? luckily it hasnt rained down here in surrey yet but im guessing its gonna b crazy!

  • I'm in the Cambridgeshire area…to the north of you. It was definitely crazy here earlier.

    We have rain forecast for the most of tomorrow! I am glad though because it will be cooler so hopefully my colleagues won't need the air conditioner!!

  • Rain ……..i thought it was only problem here in asia. BTW what did you made for iftar….i mean after being at work all day?

  • wow that's a serious amount of rain! It is raining here in London today, has been all morning which is very annoying. Work on 49th floor and usually have a great view, today all I see is mist : (

  • @Yours Truely! thanks for your comment! You are better off without rain like this.

    @Aiman…. Although it rains alot in the UK it is not usually this bad. Because Iftari here is just before 9pm that leaves me plenty of time to cook. We usually keep it simple anyway and don't eat/cook loads. I made a simply curry – meat and potatoes (Aloo Ghost).

    @circus mum… Oh wow I would love to work on the 49th floor with all the views. Im just on the second floor!

  • I get you, this kind of thing happens frequently in Ireland and it's not a surprise when it lashes rain at the end of the day.
    The good thing is that it did not last long and you could make it home on time to relax and prepare your diner.
    Hope all is going well.

  • Wow, you guys break your fast at 9pm! We (in south africa), break at 5.30 pm! :).. May Allah give you all the strength, Ameen!