Halal Baby Food

Asalaam Alaikum
I discovered a website the other day as the company joined my facebook page and I got a bit curious to see what they were all about.
They state they are Canada’s first online Halal Baby Food Store. Halal Yums
I had experience of halal baby food in the UK when munchkin was a baby. I tried out the food and wasn’t overly  impressed if I am honest. The desserts were OK but the main meals…..well let’s just say the smell of some made me decide this was something I did not want to feed my child.
That food was actually pre-prepared food in jars. Halal Yums are easy instant mix formulas. The following description is taken from their site.

Halal Yums is Canada’s first online Halal Baby Food store that provides delicious and nutritious baby food made from the highest quality halal ingredients.  Our tasty formulas are balanced with nutrients and vitamins and do not contain any preservatives. And with easy to store food packs, Halal Yums baby food maintains its freshness longer than the leading brand.
Easy Instant Mix Formulas
Halal Yums is proud to introduce our unique instant mix formulas.  Our easy to carry dry powder formulas can now be mixed with water to make a fresh serving of your baby’s favourite meal.  Use as much or as little as you want and store the rest for later.  A fast and easy way to keep baby fed, for moms on the go!

As you know my munchkin is 5, so I have no need for baby food at the moment. However I would be interested to hear from any of my Canadian followers who have tried it to get an opinion on it.
If you are interested then check out the website. It is simple to navigate and easy to order products. The website also has information on how to prepare the instant mix. 
At the moment with every purchase of Halal Yums, one dollar will be donated For the Somalia Relief Fund.
Disclaimer: I am not being paid to mention this site nor receiving anything in return. I am simply mentioning Halal Yums to help promote muslim businesses.

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  • Sounds interesting… however i would perhaps only use it at the initial weaning stage, as i prefer homemade.. but mashaAllah it's great that the halal version is available

  • I live in Toronto and they have begun putting it in local stores. I decided to buy a pack for my 10 month old son and he loves it 🙂 A great product and much appreciated by Muslim families.

  • Salams,
    My six month old really likes Halal Yums. I've tried a spoonful myself and find that the taste is very nice with a soft texture. Glad to see that there's finally products for muslim babies.