Telling Tales!

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi All
My munchkin loves ‘telling tales’.
My brother has affectionately nicknamed her ‘The Grass’.
I will give you a few examples.
I got a new car in April. Because the car is slightly bigger than what I was used to I asked my brother to fit some reverse parking sensors for me. Munchkin followed him as he went to the car, then came back to tell me that he had my car keys and he was touching my car. She went back to see what he was up to after I said it didn’t matter.
Next thing you know she comes screaming into the garden: ‘MUM!!! Uncle is making holes in your car! HOLES!!!!’
My brother said that when he started making the holes she was so shocked. He had asked her to keep quiet and not tell me but she immediately came running!
Well at least she is honest!!! 😀
Another example:
I got a second budgie a while ago. My parents had said I shouldn’t as I was just making more work for myself so I asked munchkin not to tell my parents.
Did she keep quiet?
Heck no. It was the first thing she told them when she went round.
And she will be ‘telling’ on her uncle again soon. He just phoned me and told me he has a dog. Someone was going to have it put down and he took pity on it. He will look after it until he finds it a home. He doesn’t live with my parents but asked me not to tell them as my mum will probably have a go at him for having it in his home.
Unfortunately, munchkin heard our conversation.
‘Has uncle got a dog?’
What’s the betting my parents will be finding out first thing in the morning?

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  • lol MashaAllah, she's funny!! I guess that runs with the age, bot my 5 year old and 7 year old are the same! drives me nuts sometimes as they tell on each other for the smallest and silliest things somethings lol

  • This is for sure! She is so cute….remind me the little girl I was looking after when I first came in Ireland. Every time I told her don't tell mum/dad it's a surprise, I could be sure she would go to her mum or dad saying: I will tell you a something you should not tell anybody cause it is a secret, Me and Marie we are preparing a surprise for you (!!!!!!!!!!)

  • @Salam, she certainly investigates!
    @Aisha… lol I can't keep any secrets from my family now!
    @Marie….. awwww that made me smile, so cute!
    @Sa'dia. Ameen! x

  • Haha, your little sounds like she believes in the honesty is best policy to the letter :P. This made me smile!

    Thank you.