ez-Release earring remover!

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!
I am so happy that I just had to share this little invention with you!!!
I got munchkin’s ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holidays as it would be 6 weeks till she returned to school and I could remove them when she returned to school.
I think munchkin must have found the piercing painful as she did not like me cleaning her ears afterwards and always looked worried when I cleaned them and turned the earrings – we often had tears!
However when we tried to remove them we hit a bit of a brick wall. Munchkin completely freaked out when I tried to pull them out. She literally screamed the house down and I am surprised the neighbours did not call social services.
I got upset and left them. My sister then tried but she gave up as soon as munchkin started getting upset. I asked a friend who said she also had difficulty removing the starter earrings off her daughters ears. I googled it and it appears that problems with removing starter earrings is common!
So I had to leave them when she returned to school. The school will not allow her to do PE until they are out and I just did not know what to do! I mentioned it to a teacher and she said how she knew another parent who had the same problem. They had mentioned a machine from America.
So back to google.
And I came across ez-Release.
I did not hesitate and ordered it. I was desperate as the last resort was getting her dad to grab her while I pulled them out. But I did not want to traumatise her!
Today they arrived!  Munchkin was a bit scared when she got home from school and we had some tears BUT the earrings came off in seconds!!

It was sooo easy to use and just took one attempt to get the earrings out!

Thank you ez-Release!!!!

The only problem now is she gets upset if I try to put in any others. I think I will just leave it and let her ears heal up. If she still wants earrings she can get them done herself when she is older.
This has been an ordeal for both of us!


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