Sorry, I’ve just been busy….

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!

Is it just me that is sick of hearing that?

Yes I know people can get busy but are they really so busy that they can’t keep in touch with friends? Does it really take too long to send a quick text every now and then to say hello. To ask if you are ok?

I have a friend from uni who I am close to. We can go for months without getting in contact if I don’t make the effort to stay in touch. However every time we do speak it is like we just chatted yesterday.

She sent me a message yesterday (after about 4 months) asking how I was. So I used the line everyone seems to use…..Sorry I was busy.

The reply was, so busy you forgot about me?

Um no….I think it was the other way round.

For once I couldn’t be bothered.

For once I thought stuff it.

People have my number. They know where I am.

Yes I know people have busy lives. I work, look after my munchkin, look after hubby, look after the rabbit, look after the budgies, run around on errands for my parents, cook and clean.

BUT it doesn’t kill me to send a couple of texts now and then to my friends.

I used to make the effort. Now I am close to just not bothering.

If everyone else is busy then so am I.


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  • Salaam sis. Argh I know EXACTLY what you mean! To me its always been that unless I bother to message, they wont bother. And then I get so annoyed with the replies that make it out as though I'm not bothering.I feel like since I got married it's even worse..and I too just feel like not bothering with trying anymore. A few times I completely gave up on some people for a while, it was so much effort and it felt as though I was the only one who cared…

  • *hangs head in shame* I plead guilty of that too! I respond with the same line to some of my closest friends. Some of them seem to understand, but others think ive forgotten about them. =/ which is really not true. And you don't realise that you've been ignoring ur friends, until someone does the same to you.

    Good post!

  • I am with you on this one – a text takes 2 seconds, it is not the end of the world really! I try not to use too busy as an excuse because if I don't keep in touch sometime it is just pure laziness (I am not proud but at least true to myself).

  • wa alaikum asalaam muslimah in reverie. Yes I also felt annoyed when my friend said I had forgotten her. I hadn't, just couldn't be bothered to make the effort this time round

    Hugs back Aisha

    Yours Truly!!! LOL you should be ashamed! (Slapped wrist!!) Everyone does get busy, but if your friends do mean something to you then make the effort. Eventually they may stop understanding and you could be left alone x

    @Marie, Yes it does literally take 2 seconds to just say 'Hi, how are you?' Lol at least you are honest! x

  • You are right. Why oblige the other when you can't do it yourself? We don't relate to a person because we expect them to reciprocate. Duh. Selfish reasons.

    But, let it go. I'm sure she was just missing you, na. 🙂

  • I told you what I thought on twitter yesterday :P.

    Yes we all get busy, but if we don't make time for others, how can we ever expect them to make time for us? Which is exactly what Aasiyah above me has just said xD.

    But sometimes people do genuinely get busy, and that should be taken into consideration.