My biggest pet peeve…..

Asalaam Alaikum/Hi all!!

I have decided to join in with the Britmums Blog Prompt of the Week.

I tried to think of what my pet peeves are: inconsiderate cyclists, people driving big cars who clearly are unable to manage the car, people eating MY chocolate……and then it hit me……and my biggest pet peeve is not as mundane as those listed.

My biggest pet peeve is…………………………..

Asian Aunties!!!

Yes you read that right!! My pet peeve is to do with my culture.

In particular I am talking about Pakistani Asian Aunties.

And to get even closer to home I am talking about my Mum’s friends who I am made to call Aunty, when I do have some other rather interesting names for them.

So why, I hear you asking, are they my pet peeve?

Well if you are pakistani you probably totally understand me.

‘Aunties’ seem to think they can ask you personal questions and pretty much give you advice when it is not wanted.

A particular example I can use is the fact that I have only one 5 year old daughter. Cue the following comments:

‘Isn’t it time you had another child?’

‘You really shouldn’t leave having another child so late’.

‘Have you been to the doctor to get checked over?’

‘Oh I know the details of a very good doctor’.

‘Oh well even though it isn’t a boy at least you have a child’.

And the list goes on………..

And since I am going to Pakistan in a few weeks I will be getting the comments even more………. cue FIREWORKS!!!


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  • hehehehe it's not just the Pakistani aunties! Mine do the same, I feel your pain!
    Your post made me chuckle though I know it's no fun having them nag!

  • Thank you Karima! InshAllah it wont be

    Thanks 'Love in the nest'. If they give me a tough time they will regret it lol x

    LOL Tinuke! Glad it's not just me that goes through it!!

    Lol True ZRH – that is what makes them 'Aunties'.

  • Assalamu Aleykum dear sister,

    I'm so sorry I haven't commented much on your blog these days, but you and your little one are always in my heart and duas.Looool at the Asian AUnties!I know exactly what you're talking about, they definitely don't know how to behave and always asks the wrong or most embarrassing questions.Hope everything goes well for you and your family in Pakistan both on health and safety levels InshALLAH.Just ignore the stupid and unpolite questions and say "verything is fine, don't worry", lol, thats what I always do when I don't want to get too deep into a certain topic.

    Lot of love

  • LOL! I'm currently at the stage where the aunties STILL squeeze my cheeks and exclaim "Itnay baray ho gaye ho?" Well I wasn't exactly gonna get smaller was I? Oh and their tick sheets. xD

    Aunties aye? What can we say? 😛

    Have a good weekend!